Welcome to my little place on the internet.

This site is a place for me to showcase the props I have made, am making, and works-in-progress.

I had been making props for over 14 years, and have recently started working with 3D printing and modelling.


Helmet Progress

I now have the eyes, mouth and sides attached.

I need to attach the chin, and figure out the back, as it just fats, so I may need to use magnets on one side, so that it can come off easily.

But, it is progress.

Ah, Bondo.

The fun stage. Bondo. Sand. Repeat.

I would like to say that this part is fun….but I don’t want to lie on my site.

A Week’s Worth of Printing

I’ve been working on a Star Lord helmet for a festival in July, so my printer has been going for a week.

Still needs some cleanup, then assembly and paint.

Infinity Orb Base

Well, if you’re going to have an Infinity Orb, you need to have someplace to hold it, right?

Infinity Orb

The Infinity orb from Guardians of the Galaxy is coming together.

The first of the inner sections is done, and the rest should be done in a day.

(Yes, that is not the right colour stone – it’s an old Dino Gem I had laying around)