Welcome to my little place on the internet.

This site is a place for me to showcase the props I have made, am making, and works-in-progress.

I had been making props for over 14 years, and have recently started working with 3D printing and modelling.


Helmet Progress

I now have the eyes, mouth and sides attached.

I need to attach the chin, and figure out the back, as it just fats, so I may need to use magnets on one side, so that it can come off easily.

But, it is progress.

Ah, Bondo.

The fun stage. Bondo. Sand. Repeat.

I would like to say that this part is fun….but I don’t want to lie on my site.

A Week’s Worth of Printing

I’ve been working on a Star Lord helmet for a festival in July, so my printer has been going for a week.

Still needs some cleanup, then assembly and paint.