Welcome to my little place on the internet.

This site is a place for me to showcase the props I have made, am making, and works-in-progress.

I had been making props for over 14 years, and have recently started working with 3D printing and modelling.


The Orville Badges

Got the last ones done.

BTW, notice how they went from coloured to just silver this season?


3D Printing to the Nth Degree!!

As I’m planning to be a vendor at an upcoming Sci Fi festival, and the weather has been -20C (that’s celcius), I thought some prep work was in order.

I present the last 2 weeks of printing:

Samurai Amulets, , SPD pins and Ant-Man discs.

All Good Things comm, Alternate Reality comms.

Harry Potter Galleons, Sickles and Knuts.

Orville Command and Engineering badges.

Legion Belt Buckle

Been under the radar the last few months, making stuff for Christmas, but in the new year, got back to it.

Designed and printed a Legion of Superheroes belt buckle.

More stuff to come.


Star Lord Blasters

A lot of filling and sanding, priming and painting, which left me with these:

Pretty happy with how they turned out.

Star Lord Blaster

Making a set of blasters for my Star Lord costume.

Left one ready for primer and paint.