Star Lord Blaster

Making a set of blasters for my Star Lord costume.

Left one ready for primer and paint.

3D Printer Upgrades

One thing I love about having a 3D printer, is the fact that you can print upgrades for it.

This is a fang upgrade for the hot-end – better airflow means better cooling on prints.

With supports removed.

Ready Player One keys

After watching the movie again, I thought it was time for some keys.

They just need cleanup and a coat of paint.

New Containment Card Print

I received my .2mm nozzle, and ran the print – 10 hours later, I have this:

Next task is to clean it up, then mold in silicone, and do some casts.

Talismans Reprint

As I’m getting to know my 3D printer better, I decided new prints of these were in order.

Now to clean them up, and mold in RTV silicone.

My Designs in DC Comics

In April of 2018, after getting a 3D printer, I made some designs for Nightwing’s ‘wing dings’, and I really like this one:

I liked the raised detail on it, and had never see his ‘wing dings’ like this before.

Well, looking in Nightwing Annual #1, I saw this:


Nice to see them hit the comic.