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SPD Containment Card | Argus Props

August 2018 Update

Pictures from Power Morphicon surfaced, with a great shot of screen used cards, showing me detail that I couldn’t see on the DVD.

The details weren’t raised, as I thought (or just painted on) but were recessed.

A little design work later, and a .2mm nozzle, I now have this:

SPD Containment Card

In SPD, once the rangers defeated the enemy, they judged them, and if found guilty, the defeated foe was zapped into a containment card.


So, with a little help from a vinyl cutter, I have a labelled containment card.

I wanted to make one of these, but also wanted to make it uniquely mine (a good way to avoid being recast, BTW).

So, I made the accent pieces as their own layer, so that the card had a more 3D look about it.